Infinite Live

IL is a constantly regenerating stream of music utilising any form of input data. This system takes the building blocks of music (echemes) and continually remixes them to create newly composed music tracks and soundscapes.  It’s a generative music system that is becoming more intelligent the more echemes it gets fed.

UV has developed a unique code that can intelligently select, combine, mix and master music and audio waveforms to create an end-to-end gapless playback system.  Using multidimensional data structures and processes, our code enables automated selection and combination of sonic waveforms to create and build an infinite live music stream which can be broadcast live or integrated into a variety of platforms.  This system employs the principles of computer science, data processing and analytics and can be adapted to any input data and application as required.


What happens when you feed a bunch of Christmas carols into an artificial intelligence neural network? 

Uncanny Valley tech collaborated with academic partners from UNSW and Griffith University and a bank of computer servers to create an original Christmas Carol entitled Santa Claus is Coming to Little Lord Moses.   The music was composed by training a neural net on a big data set of Christmas carols which generated a large number of musical sequences and lyrics – the outputs were then curated and produced to create the final track.

The project was intended both as a bit of festive fun, but also as a way of highlighting the role of humans in the AI creative collaborative process.

R & D
Uncanny Valley are currently collaborating with their academic partners from University of New South Wales and Griffith University [QLD] on a generative music project entitled, Enhancing artistically effective uses of artificial intelligence techniques to generate music and sound through user-centered design.  
The main outcome of this research project, will be to provide high quality unique generative music tracks for content creators.