Riot Act presented quite a unique brief to Uncanny Valley  – to produce a studio and multi-location scripted narrative podcast with more than 80 characters and, in very short space of time. Uncanny Valley worked with producer Dan Illic, writers Mark Humphries, Evan Williams and Kacie Anning to record, edit and deliver the ambitious 8 episode Audible Original series which centres around the show’s “hero”, Campbell Parkes.
Riot Act features a stellar ensemble cast, including Mark Humphries, one of Australia’s most celebrated comic talents, Liv Hewson (Netflix’s Let It Snow and Santa Clarita Diet), Anjali Rao, Tony Martin, Gretel Killeen, Tom Ballard, Marc Fennell, Wendy Harmer, Rosie Waterland, Heather Mitchell, Jordan Raskopoulos, Hugh Riminton, Monica Attard, Dan Ilic, Hamish Macdonald, Ben Fordham and Sandra Sully. The impressive list of voices appearing in Riot Act goes on and on.
“What we found worked really well with the binaural setup was not only the spatialisation of the recordings and locations, but also the performances” says Matt Perrott, Uncanny Valley’s supervising sound editor. “We treated each scene as a ‘shot’, blocking it out, and treated the binaural microphone as a camera. This created a true performance space which the actors could bring to life and truly react to each other”.
UV used the Melodie music library, which was instrumental in creating branding segments for the multiple radio shows, music for in production advertisements, as well as background and incidental musical moments.


Client: Audible
Writers: Mark Humphries, Dan Ilic, Evan Williams & Kacie Anning
Script Editor: David K. Barnes
Music Production Library:
Sound Recording, Design and Mixer: Matt Perrott
Studio: Uncanny Valley Tracks

 ‘Beyond the Summit’ by Mr Fox
‘The Quirky Kid’ by Luna Pan
‘From the Ground Up’ by Joel Woolf