Princess Cruises

Directed by Jonathan Nyquist, ‘Symphony of Service’ shows the poetic and dreamlike delivery of an entire cruise ship working in harmonic rhythm to deliver a memorable guest experience.
In response to a decisive brand message and choreographed storyboard, we delivered an emotional, anthemic orchestral score to compliment beautiful and well-paced images. 
Working with string players from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the production was authentic and organic with an air of polish to suit the elegant storytelling.
The composition effortlessly glides from scene to scene towards a crescendo in The Atrium, the heart of the ship. Hypnotic and powerful, everything and everyone is working in harmony to deliver the Princess promise that when you return home, you’ll come back new. 


Client: Princess Cruises
Agency: MediaCom/Hogarth
Creative Director: Simon Jarosz
Music and Sound Supervision: Charlton Hill
Original Composition: David Barber/Justin Shave
Sound Design and Mixer: Matt Perrott
Studio: Uncanny Valley