Uncanny Valley was tasked with the musical direction and production of  the Ministry of Sound Orchestrated show in 2018 and again in 2019.
As there was no access to original stem files, 26 classic dance tracks were completely reproduced from scratch.
Scored for a 35 piece live orchestra and band, the novel arrangements added another dimension to the well-loved tracks for a spectacular live event.
The show toured nationally with international artists Sam Sparro, Crystal Waters and Alison Limerick.
The performance series was widely regarded as a resounding success
“A nostalgic celebration of the best in dance music, joyously revived through an assortment of rising strings, deep horns and thumping drum beats.”


Client: Tmrw Music
Creative Direction: GT and Justin Shave
Production and Musical Direction: Justin Shave
Orchestration: David Barber
Programming: Tyler Burrows/Justin Shave