Uncanny Valley has been a collaborative partner of the ABC for almost a decade. Most recently, we were asked to deliver on the ABC Yours campaign, the centrepiece being an affecting reproduction of the classic 1987 track I Am Australian.
The campaign features many Australians from all walks of life, celebrating the diversity of our country whilst drawing us together with one voice.
The song was voiced by ARIA nominated singer-songwriter, Emily Wurramurra, who was recorded in the ABC Darwin studios.
Uncanny Valley worked closely with the original authors of the track in order to maintain its authenticity while imbuing it with a contemporary sound.
The final chorus of the re-recording features over 300 voices, including ensembles from the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir and the Sydney Street Choir.
The reimagined song complimented an emotional and beautifully shot campaign for the national broadcaster that brought Australians together as one.
The re-making of I Am Australian for the ABC Yours campaign


Project: ABC Your Stories
TV Network: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Production: ABC Made
Track: I Am Australian (Woodley/Newton)
Re-record Production: Justin Shave
Arrangement and supervision: Shave/Hill
Project Co-ordination: Caroline Pegram
Studio: Uncanny Valley